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The Mobile Plastic Problem Solvers

Speck Damage? Die Drool? Moisture Issues? Metal Contamination? Mixed Pellets or Regrind? If you have a plastic resin problem, we have the mobile solution.

Black Speck Removal

Black specks a problem? We remove black speck contamination down to 250 micron.


Need two or more materials accurately blended? Our “smart system” provides a consistent and repeatable blend percentage without operator intervention or external programming. Get the perfect blend, every time, right at your facility!

Discolored Pellet Removal

Die drool? Burnt Pellets? With PolyClean’s advanced optical separation systems, discolored pellets don’t stand a chance.

Fines and Dust Removal

Dust and fines an issue?  PolyClean’s mobile air wash systems effectively removes fines as small as 1.6 micron.

Metal Removal

Metal contamination weighing you down? PolyClean can remove both ferrous and non-ferrous metals using a variety of systems.

Mixed Pellet/Color Removal

Mixed Pellets or Mixed Colors causing headaches?  With PolyClean, the problem is solved.

Pellet Screening

Some pellets too big?  Some too small?  We can sort by size to help you give your clients the uniform size they demand.

PolyClean is the mobile plastic sorting solution

It happens. A process problem leads to a batch of bad plastic pellets. Production goals are missed, customers are upset, and tens of thousands of pounds of material will need to be downgraded.

There is a solution. (and we bring it to you)

PolyClean uses industry leading equipment to solve plastic problems right at your facility. With our fleet of mobile “factory on wheels” your plastic problem will be solved right at your location while you remain in complete control.

By bringing our solutions to you, we will save you time, money, and logistics hassles and headaches.

What can we do for you?

Do you have a plastic problem? Call us today and we’ll help you sort it out.

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