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We’re Hiring!

[Sort Technician]

The role of the Sort Technician is one of the most important roles in our company. As a sort technician you will travel to, and work, at some of the world’s biggest and most recognized petrochemical companies across the United States. You will operate our equipment to remove various visual defects from their materials.

Ideal candidates are those who. . .
• enjoy working unsupervised, and do their best work when self-managing their time and workspace.
• enjoy traveling around the country, operating machinery, and solving problems at big facilities. [You may be gone for weeks at a time but the pay is great– tons of overtime]
• are mechanically inclined, and know how to make minor repairs to electrical and mechanical devices.
• want to be part of our growing company, with the desire to advance with us

We’re looking for someone with a good attitude, and who takes pride in their work. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist; just the willingness to learn new things.

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