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The biggest expense that many companies have is for staff compensation. They spend loads of money paying their employees, but when the time comes to make hires, they’re picking the wrong ones. That’s because the traditional philosophy behind the hiring process is off-base.

Hiring for the right reasons

At PolyClean, it was an innovative idea that got us going, but it’s our employees that keep us going. We’re proud of our staff. They’re knowledgeable, dedicated, punctual and get along well. In short, our employees are everything you could want in a workforce.

That’s because we base our hiring on one simple principle: hire for attitude, teach the rest.

Understanding value

Many companies hire based solely on talent and experience. That sends a pretty clear message. It says, “I don’t trust my team to teach you and I’m willing to overlook your character to make sure that they don’t screw you up.”

When, instead of requiring the recruits to have all of their knowledge upfront, you can focus on other important traits, you are at an advantage. It opens up your pool of applicants from a select few to a great many. Employees at PolyClean know their duties inside and out. That means that they can be teachers to the newcomers.

What a huge relief!

You always have to teach new hires. It’s an irrefutable truth. At PolyClean we’d prefer to teach them how to work plastic sorters rather than so many other things which can be a nightmare to teach.


To be successful in an industry, it’s important to have knowledge of that industry. Many of the most successful men and women, however, prize other characteristics over knowledge, or even intelligence.

Consider some men or women that you really respect. Your business (and life) role models are rarely one-dimensional braniacs. Typically, they win you over with other aspects of their character, such as:

  • Ambition
  • Courage
  • Dedicated
  • Morality
  • Decisiveness
  • Humility
  • Fairness
  • Confidence

People whose attitudes are positive tend to find success in all sorts of industries. The reason is that people like this – good people – can be successful anywhere. They’re not limited to a single industry in which they have extensive knowledge. Rather, they take their positive attitude with them and adapt wherever they end up.

The PolyClean attitude

As has been mentioned already, new hires at PolyClean are based on characteristics and attitude, not merely knowledge. We know that we can teach them anything about our business, so our efforts are spent in identifying principles that we value.

Our employees put the team first, are humble enough to be corrected, are always willing to learn, are fair enough not to cheat and are thoroughly dedicated to customer satisfaction.

When you’ve got a staff full of men and women like that, it’s hard not to be successful.


We look forward to showcasing the first-class attitudes of our dedicated employees. If you need help fixing your plastic problems, contact us for a quote. We promise you’ll get a real, genuine person that you’ll like – not just some egghead.