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For fifteen years, PolyClean has been the best mobile, plastic sorting solution around. Our innovative platform has given us an advantage over the competition and we leverage it to the best of our abilities every day.

That’s because we’re proud of what we do and it’s not enough to have been the first. We want to continue to be the best, period. That objective drives us toward perpetual improvement.

Being the best, however, doesn’t simply mean having the best model. It takes more than that. It takes a commitment not only to the values of PolyClean, but also to the aspirations and ideals of our customers. We’re not just in this for the paycheck. We want to help you accomplish your goals.

Just as we want to remain the best plastics solution available, we know that you have things you want to accomplish too. We’re on board with you.

One of the ways that we try to help you accomplish your goals is by being hassle-free. There are some aspects of our work that will require our joint attention. Hooking up our equipment and sorting your materials inline, for instance, can’t happen without you present. When you have to work with us, it takes your team and manpower off the floor. Unfortunately, it can’t always be avoided.

Luckily, there are other ways we can make your life easier. Most businesses are focused exclusively on things like efficiency and how it boosts the bottom line, and we get it. It’s nice to make money, but there’s more to running a business than dollars and cents.

PolyClean employees are more than just technicians. They’re ladies and gentlemen who understand that when we show up – whether it’s once per year or once per day – we are your guests. We don’t drink milk straight from the carton, we don’t put our feet up on your coffee table and we always clean up after ourselves. That’s just part of the deal.

If we didn’t care about attitude, our staff might have a whole new face on it. As it stands, our number one prerequisite among potential new hires is that they must have an attitude that aligns with the values upon which PolyClean was built.

This demand upon their character makes it easy for us to prioritize our dedication to you. When you make a suggestion, we’re humble enough to try it. When you ask a question, we’re patient enough to answer it. In behaving this way, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to you and your goals.

Thanks for allowing us to enter your facilities, process your materials and contribute towards achieving your goals. We hope to be able to continue doing it for the foreseeable future.