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At PolyClean, we are proud of the way that we manage our employees, our workloads and our business. It’s no secret that from the very beginning we implemented a system of values that were designed to guide us in this venture. For 15 years they have, and they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

One thing that we realized early on was that we needed to ensure that our business philosophies weren’t just reflected in our business-to-business transactions, but also in our in-house dealings.

In accordance with this realization, we developed a hiring system that rated attitude first. Then we incorporated a training program that assured our technicians could handle any problems that they might face while at our customers’ facilities. After all, our mobile platform requires that our traveling technicians represent us well wherever they go. The only thing we had to figure out now was how they were going to be paid.

An idea that was passed around early on was to pay our technicians on a per-pound basis. That is, to reward them for processing large quantities of pellets quickly. This would motivate them to complete the work fast and keep our customers satisfied. Because we want to offer top-notch convenience to our partners, rewarding speed seemed natural.

But it wouldn’t have worked.

We use complex machinery that requires constant cleaning and preventative care. Paying our technicians to run pellets without awarding their dedication to efficiency and maintenance couldn’t succeed.

We would risk sacrificing our quality. Plus, ignoring preparation would damage the equipment as well as our ability to assist customers. Our goal isn’t to be the quickest at any cost – it’s to be the best.

That’s why we hire dedicated men and women and pay them for each hour worked. All of our employees, at every level, believe that taking care of what we have today makes us better tomorrow. Our payment methods reinforce that belief.

PolyClean technicians keep our customers satisfied by working hard for their entire shift and that’s why we pay them for it.