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Metal Removal

Don’t let metals damage your plastics

It doesn’t take much for metals to get loose in your pellet batches and mess up the whole lot in a single shot. Maybe the blade falls off of a cutter or part of a screw comes off the extruder. Before you know what happened, a whole ton of plastic pellets fall victim to metal contamination.

There are two kinds of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals respond to magnets. Non-ferrous do not. PolyClean’s spirit of innovation is evident in the way that we differentiate between the two. We raise our chances for success by utilizing multiple techniques to fish out the junk that ruins your lot.

If the metals are ferrous, we place rare earth magnets in key locations and let them do their work. The magnets draw all of the ferrous material right out of your lot. This process is very efficient. For non-ferrous metals, we employ the same optics systems used during black speck removal. Air washing is a good method we also like to use. Blowing air through the lot lets us knock out even tiny particles such as metal dust and shavings.

If you don’t think that one of those methods will be enough to handle your problem, don’t worry. When your metal contamination is really bad, we’ll combine our tricks and fight back using every technique we’ve got.

Don’t let metal contamination weigh you down. Let us help.

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