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Discolored Pellet Removal

Discolored pellets are worthless pellets

Your clients can identify discolored pellets more quickly than any other problem. When pieces of your material are the wrong color, they stand out like a fly in milk. The real concern with pellets affected by die drool and discoloration is that they reduce the grade of your materials. Providers with good reputations do not stand for them.

Discoloration in your pellets can ruin a whole batch. It is common for discolored pellets to appear burnt. It doesn’t take much to throw off the integrity of the whole lot. The presence of pellets that do not look right affects the value of the lot. That costs you money.

PolyClean protects your profit by removing discolored pellets from the others and raising the quality of each load. We’ve run millions of pounds of pellets, so you know that we have some experience. Plus, we can fix your problems at your own front door, saving you time and money.

Get rid of the uglies and boost your material’s quality.

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